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Since so many people are interested in what this site is all about – I’d like to show you a sample of what you will find inside the Animal Desk Reference Membership Realm.

So that you fully understand the policies and member conduct expected within this site – we encourage you to read the Membership Policies – prior to purchasing your membership.

Once you would enter the site as a member – you will see categories of pages.  These include General Information, Cats, Dogs, Birds/Exotics, Horses, Large Animals…  There is also a search feature on the pages – so that you could search for a certain term and find posted webinars relating to your interest.  For example – you could search for “skin infections” or “parvo”.

Once you find a webinar to view – you will also be directed to watch additional webinars that relate to your subject.  For example, if you watched a webinar on skin infections, and a specific supplement was recommended… you could now watch the webinar discussing that particular supplement.

Let’s get started…  here are a few of the webinars that you can find within the Animal Desk Reference Membership Realm!

Introduction to Oils in Cats

Hairballs & Vomiting in Cats

Petting the Cat

Colic in Horses

Laminitis (Founder) in Horses